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Commercial License Examinations In Australia

It is possible to sit your commercial pilots license in Australia after having had your student license, restricted then private pilots license. It requires further extensive hours at the controls of the aircraft and further studying to reach this level of qualification. CASA, Australia’s aviation board Civil Aviation Safety Authority, will provide the testing and licensing examinations to your local certified flying instructor, for you to carry out the tests in order to satisfy your level of competence as a commercial pilot.

Such commercial pilot operations you can be endorsed for include:

1. Jump pilot – Taking skydivers up

2. Banner advertising for companies or corporate clients

3. Domestic freight or mail services to country areas

4. Flying instruction - A flying instructor’s endorsement to provide flight training

5. Small airline or passenger transport where not required to envoke an ATPL (Air Transport Pilot’s License)

6. Aerial reconnaisance such as traffic alerts

7. Bushfire or natural hazards lookout, firefighting roles and support